Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Character Study-Iroh

             Iroh is another favorite of the series for me. He is hilarious, insightful, wise, and makes Chuck Norris look like a bitch. There isn't much to talk about with him, especially because that, in the series proper, he is static. He does not develop at all throughout the story, mostly because all his development happened years before the story starts, and are only vaguely mentioned.

           His voice actor is a...rough subject. I'll just talk about his first voice actor for the time being, and discuss that hornet's nest when the changeover happens. He is/was voiced by Mako, a legendary actor whose famous roles include Aku from Samurai Jack, The Wizard from Conan the Barbarian, and many other works. The guy is/was phenomenal, and his role as Iroh did more than solidify the character, he fortified it. His voice made the character early on, and for that I praise him.

         Iroh is Red, yes, obviously, but his second color is interesting. The Red is where his passion, drive, and individualism comes from. His second color is White. He says he studied Waterbending, and it shows in his fighting. He also is very moral and believes in Order. A very White character. Odd how he and his nephew have the same colors?
                   Iroh in an incredible character, and the best pro/antagonist in the show (besides Sokka). His good heart and great jokes made him incredibly endearing, and Mako's performance will forever live on, on our DVD shelves.

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