Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monthly Wrap Up-Avatar Book 1

                 This is my least favorite season of the show, oddly enough. When most people hear me say that, they act very surprised. The problem is that 'worst' does not denote 'bad'. In fact, this season is still better than most, if not almost all, western cartoons. This season just had a bit of a rough start, but managed to get it together early enough for an all-around great season.

My thoughts in Scores
Chapter 1, The Boy in the Iceberg-7
Chapter 2, The Avatar Returns-7
Chapter 3, The Southern Air Temple-7.5
Chapter 4, The Warriors of Kyoshi-8
Chapter 5, The King of Omashu-9.5
Chapter 6, Imprisoned-7   
Chapter 7, The Spirit World-8.5
Chapter 8, Avatar Roku-7.5
Chapter 9, The Waterbending Scroll-8
Chapter 10, Jet-9
Chapter 11, The Great Divide-1
Chapter 12, The Storm-8
Chapter 13, The Blue Spirit-9
Chapter 14,  The Fortuneteller-6
Chapter 15, Bato of the Water Tribe-7
Chapter 16, The Deserter-8
Chapter 17, The Northern Air Temple-7.5
Chapter 18, The Waterbending Master-9
Chapter 19, The Siege of the North Part One-9
Chapter 20, The Siege of the North PartTwo-9.5

            Wait a second! Tomorrow is March! And you know what that means! It's Shonen Month!

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