Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cracking a Goddamn Book & On the Wrong Side of the 4th Wall - Stiches

              Yeah, I count this both as a novel and a comic, so it goes in both. Stitches is a memoir by artist David Small. I was assigned to read this for my ENGL2 class, and read it I did. This is great book. It has some very funny moments, but on the whole it is a dark, depressing, strange, and just plain interesting ride down this man's past. What really propels it forward is the fact that it's portrayed from how he remembers the events, making them exaggerated. And not in the funny way. His imagination is trippy as fuck. It's funny, because as I told the class I can't really relate to David at all. My childhood was happy, in pretty much every aspect. Reading this was like listening to some of my friends tell me how shitty their childhood's were. I listen, and I feel bad, but I can't ever reciprocate any understanding, because I don't. The art is good, the writing is amazing, it's just a great book. heavily recommended to everyone reading this.

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