Sunday, May 6, 2012

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Week-The First Turnabout

    Hello there everypony! And welcome to my first theme week! This week is one of my favorite games, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and today we’ll look at the first case, The First Turnabout.\

    First off, in a little just for fans trivia silliness, here are the stats of the case: State v. Larry Butz. August 3rd, 2016. Phoenix Wright Record: 1-0.

    Basically, it all goes down like this: Cindy Stone is found dead in her apartment by passerby Frank Sahwit, who notices her ex-boyfriend Larry Butz leaving the scene before he got there. Larry is arrested on charges of second degree murder. His best friend, and our protagonist, Phoenix Wright has just passed the bar exam and believes that Larry is innocent. His mentor, the famous defense attorney for whom Phoenix works, Mia Fey helps him along throughout the trial. Facing the greenhorn is Winston Payne, a man once known as the “Rookie Killer”, but now laughed at since he was defeated by Mia Fey more than four years previous.

    The case is very good. Sahwit is a decently memorable character, it gives you a good impression of Phoenix, Mia, and the Judge as characters, and has some memorable dialogue. I would say it’s only flaw is that it is by far the easiest case in the whole franchise. However, considering it is the first and therefore the mechanics will feel new, this doesn’t seem like much of a flaw. It definitely isn’t my favorite beginning case of the series, but it is above average.

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