Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Week-Turnabout Samurai

    Welcome once again to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney week, where today we’ll look at Turnabout Samurai! Trivia: State v. Powers. October 16th through the 19th, 2016. Phoenix Wright Record: 4-0

    When the cast of the hit children’s show “The Steel Samurai” go to shoot the scene for the day, they are shocked to find the actor playing the villain “The Evil Magistrate”, Jack Hammer, is lying down dead in his costume with a spear through his chest. Soon after Will Powers, who plays the titular hero, arrives claiming to have slept through the afternoon. Evidence is found placing him as the only one who could have committed the crime, and he is soon arrested for first degree murder. Maya is a large fan of the show, and begs Phoenix to defend him. Once the spiky-haired attorney meets Mr. Powers, he is convinced he is not the culprit. Again Wright must face Edgeworth in the courtroom, and some dark secret hides the truth to this case.
    I am very very mixed about this case. The plot is good, the characters (for the most part) are good, the dialogue is funny, and the villain is one of my favorites. However, it suffers from major flaws. The pacing is atrocious, probably the worst in the entire series. This is most likely due to it being the first three-day case, and them not knowing how to handle the time. The layout for the investigation sequence is annoying, requiring far more work and time to move from one place to another than there should be. And the worst is the investigation itself, which feels very artificial and annoying. A large chunk of the second day feels like going to a random spot, initiating a flag, then going to another random spot to do the same. True, that’s how it’s always coded, but it feels very obvious here and is no fun. It never seems organic where you should go or what you should do. Overall, this leads to one of my least favorite cases in the series. It’s a sad thing to say because there is so much good, but the bad for me outweighs it by a hair.

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  1. I'll admit, what they did with the case wasn't the best, but I believe they make up for it by making it... you know, a thing for the story. Miles Edgeworth, a Steel Samuri fan, Whats his face shows up on the Shelly de Killer case (Which BTW is freakin awsome cause he's my favorite character... if it isn't just for that one line "To the man who just spoke... would you care to die?")