Saturday, May 19, 2012

Superhero Week-Courtney Whitemore (Stargirl)

       There's a very interesting story to go with this character folks. The first time I ever saw her was on the Justice League: Unlimited cartoon, and I thought she was too bratty and annoying. Then years later I started reading the series JSA by Geoff Johns. The book is about a superhero team most people don't know about, the Justice Society of America. They're the first superhero team, both in and out of continuity, and inspired the Justice League. The team is mostly about morals and family, and how the name of a hero can be and is passed down throughout the years. Now, the Justice League: Unlimited version of her wasn't that far off in how she was...initially. But by the time of the start of the book, and by a fuckton throughout it, she had character development. She became a confident, strong,  kind, and helpful heroine who kicked ass, saved the day, and once the entire multiverse. That kind of character development was very cool, and her chemistry (Mostly in the platonic sense) with other JSAer Jakeem Thunder was great. She's my favorite character from the book, and I definitely think she needs more love. Laters.

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