Monday, May 21, 2012

Stop Rolling Your Eyes and Try It-The Man With No Name

           Sorry for the late-ish update, but it is finals week at my college, and due to an all-nighter I am on a weird sleep schedule where I wake up at 9pm. Choosing what to review today was a bit hard. I had to go through all the fanfiction I've reviewed, trying to find a hole somewhere. Then I did.

           The Man with No Name by Frostfyre7 is a crossover between Doctor Who and Firefly. And it is just as awesome as you can imagine that being. After his first meeting with Donna, the 10th Doctor is roaming around at random, trying to find something to do. He lands on some random planet in some random time and goes to the local bar, where he quickly gets into trouble due to his brown coat. The Firefly crew helps him out, and he asks to be their passenger for a while. Stuff happens from there.

          There is a lot to love here. The dialogue is fitting for both series, so much so that you can imagine every actor reading the lines out perfectly in your head. Everyone is in-character, and the interactions between the crew and the Doctor are great. They all make sense, but also feel natural and fun. (Especially Kaylee and the Doctor being good friends.) While it didn't end up going where I thought it would, it's still a great fic, and I very, very, very, very highly recommend it to fans of either or both series. Laters.

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