Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Week-Turnabout Goodbyes

    Here once again is I, Roy Hankins, with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney week, this time with Turnabout Goodbyes. Trivia: State v. Edgeworth and State v. Edgeworth. December 25th to the 28th. Phoenix Wright Record: 6-0.

    Early Christmas morning Phoenix is woken up with a startle: Miles Edgeworth has been arrested for first degree murder! Wright cannot believe Edgeworth would do this, and takes his case. Gumshoe is helping, doing anything he can to stop his friend from being found guilty. But there’s not one but two witnesses to his crime, and evidence up the wazoo. Not only that, but Edgeworth’s mentor Manfred von Karma is prosecuting, a man Miles labels the “God of Prosecutors” for being completely undefeated in his forty year career. The defense duo is also shocked to find Phoenix’s old friend Larry Butz is involved in this, and Maya is even more shocked to find Phoenix, Larry, and Miles were childhood friends. All that and the DL-6 Incident, a dark case from fifteen years in the past the ties the fates of Mia, Maya, Edgeworth, and the murderer, make for one tough challenge to our lovable greenhorn!

    This is considered to many to be one of the best cases in the series, and for a damn good reason. The stakes are high as all get out, the laughs are incredible, the characters undeniably memorable, the plot amazing, and the twists shocking. The only downside I have is that I’m not a very big fan of the three-day format, and am glad the abolished it with the second game. It’s more a personal preference than a quality thing, but whatever. I have to agree with the masses and say it is one of the greatest cases in the franchise, though it is not my favorite finale case.

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