Thursday, May 10, 2012

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Week-Credits

    Yes, the credits get their own spot. The credits for the Ace Attorney series are the only ones I always sit through. The one for this game in particular’s the best. In my opinion, the credit sequence on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is the best out of every game I have ever played, hands down. Let’s break down the ‘why’ step by step.
    First, the lead in. The music here meshes with the dialogue in such an amazing way. It gives me a feeling that I don’t get from anything else. The only way I can properly describe it is supreme contentment and happiness for the game I just finished, mixed with a longing for it not to end. And the lead in... “And so my story ends. Time to turn a new page...and say goodbye to the novice defense attorney that I once was...Now a new story begins...With the same old crazy cast of characters...” That speech is pretty much as close to perfect as writing gets for me.
    The next part is the court scene, where Edgeworth and the Judge berate Phoenix. It feels very similar to the scene you get when you present the wrong evidence to a testimony, with little changed. This leaves me feeling like the end of Justice League: Unlimited did. “And the adventure continues...”
    Then comes my favorite part. It gives each character from the game a send-off, reminiscing about the main character. This part gets me laughing every time, and evolves the feelings from the previous sections. Now I feel happiness that the characters I’ve grown to love so much are still out there, living their lives.
    Then comes the photo. I have cried several times at this part. It’s a picture of victory, applause, and fulfillment. It always leaves me smiling at the start screen. And really, isn’t that the mark of a job well done from the designers? Laters.

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