Monday, May 21, 2012

Stop Rolling Your Eyes and Try It-The Best Night Ever

((Quick note, Superhero Week will resume next week. This counts as Sunday's post. Sorry for lateness, however, FINALS))

          The Best Night Ever is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan fiction, and another one I think is in my Top 10 favorite fanfics. Basically, remember the end of season 1? First, look at it from the POV of Prince Blueblood. (Where you find out that he ruined Rarity's night on purpose, just because he took pleasure in making her mad.) Then he wakes up the next day to find it...not the next day. It's the morning of the gala, again. Now poor Blueblood is repeating the day over and over again, and he has no clue why.

           Let's start with the cons: nothing. I literally have no problems with this fanfic. Pros: It is very funny, captures the essence of the Mane Six very well, and most of all it made me like Blueblood. Not him at the beginning, that guy's a jerk. But over the course of the loop, he becomes a very interesting and nice guy, and it really wants me to check if the writer has continued from here on out as an AU. I love the part where he's fed up, his snarking gets really funny, and his first attempt at a perfect night is amazing in that it seems perfect, but betrays the purpose of each character and who they represent. Only after realizing this and doing it one last time, does stuff happen. Really great, a huge recommendation from me, please read if you're a brony or pegasister. Laters.

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