Friday, May 25, 2012

Stop Rolling Your Eyes and Try It-Reunion

        Reunion is a Dresden Files fan fiction by Elizabeth Leah. Now, I sadly cannot give any sort of plot synopsis, because doing so will completely spoil Changes, the second-newest Dresden Files novel. All I can say is that it's done before Ghost Story was written in real life, so ignore that book for this. Also, it's a time skip from Changes, revolving around a character barely seen in said book who drives the plot.

      Some of the early writing is a bid hard to get through, just bad grammar really, but it fixes that fast enough. It is very funny and stays in the spirit of the books. The interactions between the main character and Harry are great and funny, and it has enough side-splitting lines to qualify as an actual Dresden story. Overall it is pretty good, and while not a huge recommendation, I still do think any Dresden Files fan who has read up to Changes should definitely give it a read. Laters.

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