Friday, May 11, 2012

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Week-Rise from the Ashes

One last case before it’s time to wrap it all up, so let’s say goodbye with Rise From the Ashes (The only title in the main series without the word Turnabout in it.)! Trivia: State v. Skye. February, 2017. Phoenix Wright Record: 7-0.

Phoenix is just waiting around his office, wishing Maya were back, when he gets a client who reminds him of Maya, young Ema Skye. Her older sister Lana, the Chief Prosecutor, has been arrested for the second-degree murder of Detective Bruce Goodman. Edgeworth is once again prosecuting, but he’s still shaken from the events of the last case, and is coming under fire as a scapegoat. Gumshoe wants to help, but he’s out-of-the-loop on this case. Filling his role is Officer Jake Marshall, a policeman who seems to think he’s an Old West sheriff. He’s even got a great witness, lunchlady Angel Starr. Something odd is going on though, as every single person involved with this case except Wright was involved in the SL-9 case two years previous. Why is your client hiding important details? Why does she want to confess to a crime she did not commit.

    For those who don’t know, this case was added onto the DS re-release of the first game, though it was on every version here in the States. It was made to test out the capabilities of the new graphics and touch screen. I really enjoy the case, with its memorable characters, interesting twists, and how they used their added powers for cool results. Plus, you gotta love that villain. He’s one of my favorites in the series. Overall a great case, easily in the top 10 for the whole series.

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