Saturday, May 12, 2012

Young Justice: Invasion Episode 3

     Man that was a good episode! We found out what the flying Thanagarian in going on with Aqualad, more intrigue with Miss M, and evidence for my theory. Now, at first with the ending of last season and the title of this one's, Invasion, I thought it would be Apocalypse that was invading. However, between seasons, I realized that Blue Beetle is part of the team now, so it's possible that it's actually the Reach! It's even more likely, because the Light was already working with Apocalypse, so why would they need extra time to seal the deal? Then in this episode, the alien race hiding on Earth mention "The Competitor", that they likely hired Lobo because their "Agent" attacked them recently. The Reach have hired Lobo once in the comics, and Jaime would likely be mistaken for their agent. Can't wait for next week!

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