Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stop Rolling Your Eyes and Try It-Stange Friends

     Strange Friends is a crossover fanfiction between My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and The Dresden Files written by psychicscubadiver. Now, I do not quite recall if I’ve ever been able to put into words on here how much I love The Dresden Files. It is easily my favorite book series, and Jim Butcher is easily my favorite author. Taking that into account it seems odd that I haven’t reviewed any fan fiction concerning the series. The answer is quite simple: it is very, very hard to write fanfiction for The Dresden Files. The problem is the entire series is done if first person, and the main character has a very distinctive style in which he narrates which is very hard to replicate effectively. However, in this case, I honestly am not sure if the author of this story is not actually Jim Butcher in disguise, because it fits the world and the main character like a glove. And the pony side of things is just as good.
    The story take place between Death Masks and Blood Rights in the Dresden timeline and between Season 1 and Season 2 of Friendship is Magic. Harry is going through the Nevernever to go the White Council capital in Edinburgh, when he’s attacked by over sixty magical evil monkey things. They drive him far off the Way, and he is forced to rip open a whole out of the Nevernever, despite having no idea what world he’ll end up in. He jumps through right in front of Twilight Sparkle on her way to see Fluttershy, and they Soulgaze each other right away.
    The writing is really great here. All the characters from both series work incredibly well together, and Dresden is so in-character my previous suspicion grows by the sentence. It’s very, very funny, and made me laugh in both the ways both source materials do. The action and story are both great, and I was staring intently at my screen, scanning the page to find out what happens next. It’s complete as well, unlike my fic from yesterday. There’s even a sequel, which I’m going to start on the second I’m done typing this up. Overall, this is easily the best Dresden fanfiction I’ve ever read, and high up there on the Pony side as well. Laters.

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